Why is Branding important?


Last week we looked at What is Branding?, now that we have a clear understanding of what it is, we’re now going to look at Why is it important?

In essence branding builds your company’s value. Your brand is a guideline for you business objectives, it creates an expectation among your customers, it gives clear direction on where your business is heading.

Your brand has to create a lasting impression from your WEBSITE, PRODUCT/ SERVICE, QUALITY and overall CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. This will help you build loyal customers.

Branding Creates Trust

As people get to know your business better, they will start trusting you more as an expert in your field. It is therefore important to have a unified brand and remain consistent in all your marketing materials – using the same logo, colours, fonts which reinforces a sense of a reputable, trustworthy business. Consumers want to invest in businesses that not only invest in themselves but in their customers/ clients too.

Branding brings in New Clients

I recently bought an Arts & Craft kit for my son, I shared this on my social media and had moms asking me where I bought that kit from. Let me tell you, the kit didn’t have any branding! You can only imagine how many potential customers did that store lose out on.

Invest in a memorable logo, colours, fonts this will set you up for success. Your clients are most likely to remember who your are, they will share this information with their friends, family and colleagues.

Branding Gives Direction

Branding gives direction to your employees and anyone who works with you or for you. It creates a sense of purpose for them to be part of a company that has a strong message, purpose, direction and goals.

Branding Helps You Outdo Competition

Let me tell you, you are no longer competing at local level! With the advance technology and advanced shipping, similar companies are claiming to be better or just as good as you.

Give your brand credibility, give customers a reason to choose you before someone else. There’s nothing new under the sun lets be honest, which is why its important to be authentic, put your uniqueness in everything you do.

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