What is Personal Brand?

 Personal branding is made out of a unique combination of skills, experience and personality you want to share with the world. It is your story and what makes you different from the next person and what comes to mind when people think of you.

In such a public world of social media, it is important that you’re in charge of telling your own story, how you want to be perceived particularly for people with high profiles and businesses. You want to be in control of your real life, how the media portrays you and the lasting impression it has on people that receive this information about you online.

Why Would You Want a Personal Brand?

Your personal brand is vital to you professionally, how you present yourself to current and potential clients leaves a lasting impression. It gives an opportunity for people to form an idea and have a better understanding of who you are instead of arbitrary that can be detrimental.

It gives you a better chance of being trusted because people trust and buy ‘personal stories’ of brands, they want to relate to you. Personal branding gives you an opportunity to highlight your strengths and passions.

It opens up an opportunity to work with potential corporate businesses that are after the same target market you’re attracting. It helps you market yourself better by knowing who you are, what you can offer and how you’d achieve that.

Why is Personal Branding Important?

With 7.8 Billion people in the world no two people are the same, not even identical twins which is what makes YOU unique. Even though there’s nothing new under the sun, everything we do has been done before but no one would do it the same way as you.

Your personal brand will help you stand out, it will help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills about your area of expertise.

A strong personal brand makes you memorable and unique from thousands of people doing the same thing as you whether in Fashion, Beauty or tech industry. It allows you to be and do things differently.

Personal branding will allow people to trust you and find it easier to build a relationship with you, there’s a reason why most companies are collaborating with influencer’s in today’s world because millennials trust more in people than brands or advertisements.  

Things to consider when you package your brand

Start by knowing yourself first, do something self-introspection, it’s often easier for people to tell you who they want to become than describing themselves. So, invest in knowing who you are.
Understand your target audience or customer this is very important as these are the people that will buy into your brand.
Think of the Kardashian’s who have branded themselves as close knit family that is formed of successful and powerful female entrepreneurs. They’ve done this successfully for many years perhaps before they even knew what personal branding was, although I wouldn’t put this pass Kris Jenner the real Branding Queen lol.
Be authentic and stay true to who you are, you may find inspiration from others that are in the same industry but copying or mimicking them will be self-sabotage and exhausting.
Develop a brand for the type of people you want to attract by creating social media pages, websites and other forms of marketing materials that speak to your audience.

Don’t forget to have fun! This is an awesome exercise of getting to know your true self.

Important tools when branding yourself


First you need to establish your value proposition, the benefits of what you are offering,  your services or products, this will essentially keep people coming back for more.


People relate to realness, you can hire me to build you a perfect Branding or website but a true brand is built on being Authentic which means being: Transparent, Vulnerable,
and Integrity.


Tell a story! “The most personal way to communicate online is with
video. Simply use your smartphone to video message your clients, make a
personal connection with prospective clients and connect with
co-workers. After all, you always have your smartphone on you!” Pelpina Trip INSTASTORY allows to achieve this quite easily.


Be consistent and stay true to your brand and this will be helpful in growing your brand. Share a consistent message and branding  across your social media, your website, by using the same fonts, the same style or feel of photography and photo editing.

Online = Offline

You might find that you buy certain types of clothes and colours that represent your brand. It is also important to be on Brand even when offline, you want people that know you online to see you the same way offline, think of Bonang Matheba she’s always on Brand even for a trip to Woolies, exhausting? Maybe! but that’s what she’s branded herself to be and what we’re used to seeing.


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