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An investment like no other with this warm, elegant, soft and feminine branding perfect for your business. It comes with 3 logos, an inviting colour palette, carefully selected fonts and a complete brand guide. Save money and time with this gorgeous branding package.





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This is offer is for anyone who wants to save some money and time. The pre-made logo package includes 3 LOGOS, Main logo, Secondary logo, Typography and a Colour Palette.

This branding is perfect for female entrepreneur selling products i.e. Accessories, Fashion, Beauty or Services i.e. Lifestyle Bloggers, Digital Marketing etc.

The logo will be changed to your business name with in 3 working days. These designs are first come first serve, they will not be resold to anyone else! This is a discounted price from my full branding service.

Upon purchase I will e-mail you all the files including colour codes, typography, you’ll be all set to start your business right away.


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