How do I use my logo?

With each one of my branding service packages, I give clients 3-4 logos and they often not sure how to use them. In this article I will share with you how to use your brand logos and design elements to ensure you have a consistent brand voice throughout all your platforms.


You want your customers and potential clients to get familiar with your logo, this logo is typically used for your business cards, shop signage, website and social media headers.


Your main logo will not always work for your social media platforms, it may be too long to fit in a square or a around shape. Ideally you want people to be able to read all the text or elements associated with your logo. So, this secondary logo is made for that, it shouldn’t be too different from your main logo, it should have a similar look and feel with slight variations.

It can be used for social media profiles, blog graphics and print work.


Your submark can be used as label/ sticker, profile picture, FAVICON, brand pattern or part of a document stationery.

It is a simple icon like the M – for Mcdonalds or the Apple icon. Well known brands usually use this on it’s own like NIKE/ ADIDAS but as a start-up or small business its best you use this alongside your Primary or Secondary logo. It can also be used as a favicon as part of your website URL

In conclusion

It is important to understand how to effectively use your logo so you can maintain a consistent brand style. Hope you found this information helpful.

Love Elle

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