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Welcome to the third Branding series Blog post, if you missed the previous blog posts find them here – What is Branding and Why is it important. I am excited about today’s post, we will dive into the tool to help you find your branding style; I have a little surprise for you at the end:)

Develop your mission and values

The heart and soul of your business is defined by your business mission, your target market, understanding your competitors and your passion for what you have to offer. For example, if you’re a Burger restaurant and you also serve meat free products, this will connect with those that want this characteristic in a Burger restaurant.

Who is your ideal client or customer?

In business you cannot satisfy or attract everyone, therefore it is important to be specific about your ideal client/ customer. When I started my business I wanted to provide Branding and Website design services to start-ups and small businesses instead of trying to appeal to ALL BUSINESS LEVELS. Therefore, my content and the value I provide focuses on my target audience.

Find you brand style words

Your keywords or style words are a map to the style of brand you want to create. Having adjectives such as modern, polished, feminine, fun etc, conveys your focus and intentions for your business.

Knowing how you want your brand to be perceived, will help in creating the visuals for your logo, website, collateral design as well copy writing. It will even help on occasions such as event planning, product packaging, launches and so much more.

Determine your style

Think about your own personal style, what type of style do you like? Vibrant, organised, clean spaces? When it came to branding my business, I incorporated my own personal style while of course taking my target market into consideration. 

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the graphic style for your brand? Artistic, Professional, Simple?

2. What type of colours would communicate well with your graphic style?

3. What words would I like people to use when describing my brand?

4. List three websites you like and consider their social media accounts, what do you like about them?

Once you’ve got this information gathered, it’s time to find the visuals on good’ol PINTEREST


Create a pinterest board

Pinterest has tons of inspiration, use your words to search for inspiration i.e. modern, earthy, simple website etc. You will get carried away and even get an exciting feeling of I can create something like that! This means you’ve found a style that is a true representative of the business you have in mind.

Figuring out your brand style while also taking care of all your other business needs can be tedious. Feel free to reach out to me via e-mail:

Now for the surprise, I have prepared a PRE-MADE BRANDING PACKAGE for businesses with or without a logo, these can be changed to your business details. Head to my GRAPHIC DESIGN store, I will be adding more items in the future.

Next week we will look at ‘If this is a perfect time for rebranding?’

Love, Elle

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