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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post!

Isn’t it amazing how we go through life learning about people through the relationships we build but not intensional about giving or setting the same amount time in figuring out what makes us happy! Discovering and claiming something you love to do has an amazing effect on your entire life (Dr. Susan Biali).

With High School out of the way, your early 20’s are by far the perfect time to uncover your passions. I wanted to start this blog section of my website with this particular topic as a tribute my 24 year old self. I once felt lost and unsure of who I am which by the way is all part of the process. Not everyone has life figured out in their early 20’s but it is important to continue working on yourself regardless of age. ALWAYS!

I decided to be intentional about finding my passions, by setting time aside, writing, reading and meditating. In this blog post I am going to take you through the four activities I did that led me to finding my passions.

1. Books are my greatest escape, I drew alot of inspiration from reading and also watching youtube videos of people I admired.  I read a book called ‘The woman I wanted to be’ by Diane Von Furtenberg. I grew such admiration for her strong, innovative and risk taking personality. She seemed so secured and sure about who she was and I wanted that feeling.

Another inspiring woman is a South African Media personality, Bonang Matheba. Her interviews on youtube really stuck with me, she is a force to be reckoned with. In one of her interviews she asked a question I shall never forget: “What is it about you that you can put in a bottle a sell?”. At the time it was difficult to answer this question but I’d be proud to answer it today:)

Another awesome read was ‘For this I was born’ by Pastor Brian Houton, Founder of Hillsong Church. In this book he wrote “You were born for greatness” I recited this phrase and still do, I believe it!

2. Journaling – I don’t follow a strict journaling method at least not like before. The first sentence I wrote on my journal was “…I want to find the woman I am called to be”. Journaling or sharing my thoughts on paper really (1) lessened the burden, (2) it gave me an opportunity to flip back the pages and compare my growth. It made me laugh and cry sometimes but most of all it gave me hope. The woman that I am today is very different from the woman on that first page:)!

3. TRY something new, FAIL fast so you can get back and try again. You can read lots of books, gain inspiration from people who inspire you, but it is important to be free spirited, take risks and come out of your comfort zone! GET.OUT.OF.YOUR.OWN.WAY! I tried new things during this time, from starting a blog, creating healthy smoothies recipes, studying towards an Honours degree, Volunteering in my community etc.While doing so I learned new things about myself, how I interact with people, how I treat situations and how I adapt to new experiences. 

4. Start building and don’t stop! Once you uncover your uniqueness from trying new things, adapt a post stamp mentality, stick to one thing until it reaches its destination. By doing this, you will keep discovering who you are and best of all you will feel a sense of fulfilment, the joy and freedom that comes with knowing your passions.

Who am I Today? From a professional space I am a Business Graduate, Founder of a non-profit-organisation, Graphic and Web Designer and creator of

  I am as happy in my career as I am in my personal life as mother, wife and good friend. I wouldn’t be where I am today without ever giving myself a chance to explore and uncover the woman that lies within.

Final words don’t get distracted and most importantly don’t compare yourself with others, this is your journey! Compete ONLY with yourself. Be proud and Be you:)!

Hope you find this useful and if you ever need advice or someone to talk to regarding this journey. I’d be happy to help.



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