I'm Elle

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To create a unique experience for start-ups and small business owners where they can communicate their ideas visually in order to attract their ideal clients and grow their business.


  1. I am a mum to a sweet little boy named Sebastian, Tau (meaning Lion). He is the light of my life.
  2. I am the founder of a sustainable marketplace for small business owners, Conscious Lifestyle Collective
  3. I am committed to my Zerowaste lifestyle journey.
  4. I am from South Africa, I love everything that comes with travelling, meeting new people, learning a new language/ culture etc. I have so far been to over 40 countries around the world.
  5. My first qualification was in Software Development, I grew passion for all things Business. I have an Honours Degree in Business.
  6. I worked for Emirates Airline for 3 years, best memories and a life changing experience.
  7. I love to learn new things, it keeps life interesting! Currently learning Arabic and a bit of French, Calligraphy, Graphic and Web Design, how to strategically run an online business, Zero Waste Lifestyle and more:)
  8. I like to keep things simple and minimal i.e. my home, fashion, beauty and overall culture of living.
  9. I am passionate about helping people, creating and finding solutions.
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